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State Of Shock
Watch the State Of Shock Memento Project Video

State Of Shock is proud to present the State Of Shock Memento Project. State Of Shock is probably one of the best bands you've never heard of. From the release of their debut EP, Too Close in the early '80's, State Of Shock began their struggle to obtain the elusive record deal... a goal they never reached.

Times change, and the music industry has changed so dramatically since the '80's. Had the Internet been around then, you would have definately heard of State Of Shock by now. Since the Internet is here and now, you have the opportunity to see what's been missed. After more than 24 years of relative anonymity, State Of Shock has compiled their "Greatest Hits" for release to the masses online with their Memento Project.

You can get to know State Of Shock by listening to a few of their songs Absolutely Free!

State Of Shock - One More Boy.mp3
State Of Shock - Dark Day.mp3
State Of Shock - Waiting For The Night.mp3

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State Of Shock State Of Shock's debut EP, Too Close, is also available for purchase at A true collectors item, only 2000 copies were pressed and distributed throughtout North America. More than 1200 copies were sold at shows, indie record stores, and by the band members themselves. The rest were distributed to Record Companies and Radio Stations throughout the US and Canada. Too Close brought State Of Shock their first appearance on the College Radio Charts in early 1984.

And yet... the gatekeepers and deal makers of the music business failed to take notice. You have a chance to prove the industry wrong about this band, by simply downloading and listening to their music.

Uncovered recently in a storage vault, were 107 remaining copies of this true American Music Collectors Item. Pressed on 12" Clear Blue Vinyl, Too Close is a special EP record that will never be reproduced. gives you the opportunity to obtain this rare piece of Music History! A Must for the True Audiophile and Vinyl Collector!

You can access a complete dossier on State Of Shock by visiting their Dossier page. You'll find biographies, photos, and complete information on the history of this prolific, yet unnoticed band. You'll also find out how you can download Memento, as well as purchase their debut EP, Too Close. We guarantee that you're going to love State Of Shock, so sit back, relax and enjoy the best band you've never heard of! Legacy Content

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